Now is a great time to be a part of a new movement in getting local business information out to a broader audience through the use of an online magazine.  Because there are no print costs your online ads can be more dynamic and in general are about 10% or LESS then typical area print advertising.  The use of IPads, Kindles and other portable devices has created a boom in online magazine views.  Stories are often more dynamic due to greater use of images and can include live links to your website or Facebook page and can even include video.  You can't do that in print.  Our prices are simple, a 1/2 page ad is $35 and a full page ad is only $60 and you can run a 2 page spread that includes your ad and a story for just $100.

The editorial staff at Fox River Country.Com is anchored by Joel "Doc" Kunz who has had a byline in Midwest Outdoors Magazine for over 30 years and has had his work published in numerous outdoor related magazines.  His network of friends and area experts who write will provide a great influence of stories about the area as we cover the Fox River from it's origin to the bay of Green Bay where it ends.  We will have interesting articles and pictures about the rich history of the area along with coverage of some of the areas fun things to do and see.  The storylines shown on the sample cover are just a few ideas of the things we will bring to readers.

NOW Is The Time To Take Advantage

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